The following are a bunch of small videos made by my friends and I (Jeff Anderson). We do not claim to have any talent or skill. All we got from making them was the fun doing it and the enjoyment of torturing the rest of our friends by making them watch them over and over and over again. They are compressed for the web, you'll need either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to view them.

Be patient, it may take a while for the video to load after you click the link.

1953, The Yogurt Experiment
It's the year 1953, and we are going to show you that yogurt is telepathic and dangerous.
RealPlayer version (8.3 megs)
Windows Media version (8.3 megs)


A Night at the Office
See what happens when you spend too much time at the office. Has this ever happen to you?
RealPlayer version (12.8 megs)


The Drone

Marvel as The Drone, the working man's everyman, labors in a dank corporate dungeon. To sleep, perchance to dream, The Drone is rudely returned to a harsh reality of drudgery. The clock's slow march ever onward eventually delivers our hero to freedom, color and joy.
RealPlayer version (8.6 megs)


The Burn, Burning Man 2001
A short video made from footage shot Saturday night before and during the burn at Burning Man 2001.
RealPlayer version (7 megs)

Look for more shorts coming soon from Gorilla Video!

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